FusionFall Universe is all about preservation and reinventing the wheel -- when it comes to FusionFall.
With such a small team and such large ambitions, we could use your talent to make all of our (and your) dreams become a reality.

Open positions as of 11/01/18

Website Design (Front End)

We are looking for web designers to help modernize FusionFall Universe, both inside and out.

Note that we do not have a dedicated application for this position yet, so for now you can use the Programmer application.

Sound good? Check out our Programmer application.

Community Team

As a Community Team member, you could be given a number of responsibilities:

  • Forum Moderation
  • In-Game Moderation
  • Name Approval
  • Support Tickets

Sound good? Check out our Community Team application.

Programmer (FusionFall Legacy)

FusionFall Legacy is a fanmade recreation of the original FusionFall from the ground up. Using the Unity Engine, we are hoping to remaster the original in an entirely new way, one that will far surpass the expectations of a typical fan game.

Needless to say, a project of this scale is nothing short of ambitious, and we need all the programmers we can get to help drive this project towards completion.

Sound good? Check out our Programmer application.